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Maw of the Titan; Akash Godbole, 2021 for New York Titans Exhibition at Luxuny Atelier in New York City

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Buildings With Faces

On a dark gloomy night, walking home alone from school, they cross 3rd Ave and head straight through the East Village. Encountered by all the shut doors and windows they feel lonely, but not scared because they know the area. Passing through an alley, the student noticed a couple buildings seemingly having a silent conversation with one another over the street, as if they were friendly giants in a fable. The buildings had eyes, a nose, and even a mouth! That initial sense of loneliness was gone, and not because the student was now with other humans. The buildings with faces gave the student comfort, and maybe a little laugh too! They lingered for a little while longer, wondering in jest what the buildings with faces might be discussing this evening. As the student continued their walk home, they looked at the other silent buildings wondering why they don’t have faces… 

Buildings have faces: they have eyes, they have noses, they have mouths, they have it all. We come out of their mouths [doors], look through their eyes [windows] and breathe through their lungs [HVAC]. They are an extension of our being, yet we do not consciously recognize this allegorical connection. We even tend to them like we do for ourselves, like cutting your hair [from trimming the garden] and brushing your teeth [power washing]. Unfortunately, only in a fable would this be done with oversized scissors and toothbrushes fit for  giants [buildings], but maybe it’ll happen one day!

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