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an altar to the twin towers
and the people we have loved & lost

Photo of an altar dedicated to the twin towers.
Making of a Frame

Making of a Frame

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Public Art Installation presented by 
rombo in collaboration with Janine Wang

November 2nd, 2021
Maria Hernandez Park,
Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

Featuring "
1985: A Beautiful Day in Lower Manhattan" Soft Pastel Drawing by
Diego Salazar
Artist, Architect,
Director of Rombo

Frame Designed and Constructed by 

Janine Wang
Designer, Wood-turner, Teacher



On November 2nd, 2021 we placed an altar "ofrenda" dedicated to the 20 years since the fall of the Twin Towers and all the people we have Lost and Loved. We placed it at the center of Maria Hernandez Park in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

It was conceived by co-founder Diego Salazar who was inspired to create an altar after his travels in a Oaxaca, where it's customary to honor the dead by means of an altar with flowers, candles, and celebration.

It was a cold and wet night but it was important for us to display it on November 2nd, which is
Day of the Dead in Mexico. Several friends attended and we had a beautiful time. We hope to continue this tradition into the future.

The altar and frame were made commissioned to the the talented
Janine Wang in Philadelphia, PA, who is now part of the rombo platform. 

The artwork featured is titled "1985" " and was made by
rombo in dry Pastels Pastels and Colored Pencils on Paper.



Enjoy the following photos from our Day of the Dead event:

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