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OAX TO NYC is a vibrant collection of four styles of ceramics made by four artisan families from Oaxaca, Mexico. Each family carries out extremely fine work, using techniques passed down for generations.  


In this first collection, we bring Oaxacan ceramics to New York in terracotta, black clay, red clay, & white enamel finish. Our mission is to showcase this beautiful work and help connect these artists to new opportunities. 

If you are business or private collector, ask us how we can help you place a custom order for any of these pieces.  

rombo's first ceramic collection.


All pieces have been paid for in full, at asking price.

From the profits of any sale, rombo will give:

20% towards funding more projects that will benift our platform of artists, and their communities.

7% back to the maker of the piecer

3% to our collaboratos who make this possible

Curated by artist & architect, Diego Salazar, and presented in New York City.

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