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Rafael Quijano

El Chile


From náhuatl chilli.

1. A doer

   EL Chile is partnering  

   with Studio Rombo

2. One who makes

    things happen.

    El Chile is very spicy.

Rafael is the eldest of four siblings, all born near the shores of of Cancun, Mexico. From an early age, he stood out amongst others for his neverending energy, which his parents tried to exhaust one way or another. And so, they found the Taller San Lorenzo, located in downtown Cancun and founded by Francisco Negrete, an art historian from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. It was in this studio that Rafael could develop his unsuspected love for light and the combination of colors, through painting and sculpture. 

After finishing his first year of Architecture School, Rafael decided he should first adquire the basic tools to be able to build what his mind desired, and so he wound up becoming a Civil Engineer graduating from the Universidad Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) in Mexico City. 

The young Rafael has tried his hand at several trades and crafts in his 30 years of life - but is now beginning his ambitious project yet: becoming a creator of both art & design, while helping to bring other such creators into light.  

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