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más altohuella de coyote
taller de grabado y escultura
san antonino castillo velasco, oaxaca, mexico

b. 1985 

más altoManos Que Ven
taller de ceramica
San Antonio, Oaxaca, México


sobre el artista

Alfonso Canseco Peligro is the son of flower growers and gardeners and it is one of the reasons why color and earth had a visual impact on his childhood, forming him through work and play. Peligro's initial approaches to drawing and form occurred during his childhood because he always has preferred to draw instead of writing and reading. For the young artist, it was more fun to recreate his life on the field through drawing. He would go on to participate in drawing contests and began obtaining recognition for his work, and so it is how Peligro decided to study for a degree in the plastic and visual arts. For Alfonso, to create is to leave visual evidence of what we are, a trace of our walk on this earth, it is to mark a time and endure until time erases it physically and from memory. For this young creator, the role of art in society is to mark time by telling experiential and contemporary stories that in the future will form a visual heritage of what we live. For Alfonso Canseco, signing as "Peligro" (Danger) is part of his identity. He inherited the name from his grandfather, nicknamed for the dangerous behavior of the Canseco family in those years. The artist does not seek to confront anyone but rather challenges anyone, anywhere through his art.


nuestro trabajo conAlfonso Canseco Peligro