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Cermacista y Pintor

Ocotlán de Morelos, Oaxaca, México

sobre el artista

Esteban Dali is a multidisciplinary artist, architect, and silversmith. His artwork explores, amongst other things, the frustations and demons that exist in the mind, manifested by fantastical creatures with raw textures and configurations. Esteban comes from generations of silversmiths that were originally from Nezahualcoyotl in the State of Mexico. At the younge age of twelve he began helping his father with the family's jewelry-making business. However, the young artist soon developed his own unique style, challenging everything he was taught. His jewelry, although a more abstract artform, is a continuation of his artistic exploration, creating traditional objects like rings and charms with a raw, earthly quality. Esteban studied Architecture at the Xochimilco Campus of the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM) in Mexico City. Although not currently a practicing Architect, it is evident how the profession inspired and took a role in his artwork. Esteban wishes to one day dedicate himself fully to his artwork and live from it. Nothing makes him happier, for when he creates "time does not seem to exist." In his own words: "The eternity of existence is everything; fleeting movement, frozen in the immensity of infinity. Memories, memories, voices, desires and dreams petrified in time. In my work I seek to evoke emotions that have been dilapidated and immobile between layer and layer. Feelings reinforced by symbols, temporary and cultural elements that have nourished my way of creating: Dreams and nightmares, longing and the devil, fire and the cross. Where and to whom have these emotions not welcomed us in our daily lives, on a day-to-day basis and we are still here with the hope of enduring?"


catálogo de estela

Las siguientes piezas son una selección del trabajo original del artista. 

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