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escultor hojalata

Oaxaca, México

miguel Á ángel
Agüero Pacheco

sobre el artista

Miguel Angel is the owner of one of the surviving hojalata workshops in the neighborhood of Xochimilco in Oaxaca City. He began learning how to work tin & nickel at the age of six thanks to his mother. Back in those days kids had to help their parents with their family business so Miguel Angel would arrive every day from school to work the metals. ​ Miguel Angel has spent the last 65 years of his 73 years of age working the traditional art of Oaxacan hojalateria, which uses tin, nickel, and sometimes even copper to create various types of art works and other decorative objects. Many of these items are often of religious nature, such as frames, lights, and even doors that are commissioned by the many churches in Oaxaca. His workshop, Taller Hoja de Lata, belonged to his mother before him and his grandfather before her.  ​ Ex-Mexican President Felipe Calderon hired him during his presidency (2006-2012) to create a door for the National Palace but he is uncertain if it remains there.  "I never leave my workspace", which he shares with his son Neri, working from 6am to 9pm every day. Miguel Angel only works on commissions, for making his own work has proved to be financially challenging

nuestro trabajo con Miguel Ángel Agüero Pacheco

nuestro trabajo conAgustín Cruz Prudencio


catálogo de estela

Las siguientes piezas son una selección del trabajo original del artista. 

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