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The twenty-first and last mask of The Mexico Mask Series is an homage to another type of embroidery, this time pioneered by Raquel Aguilar Martinez from San Juan Nuevo, Michoacan, Mexico. I found her work while browsing my "Grandes Meastros del Arte Popular Mexicano" (Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art) book and found her work particularly captivating. She likes to tell tales in her weaving, of children playing with kites, the farmers working the field, religious festivities, and whatever other stories she wishes to tell or re-tell. This last mask is an ode to her work and the very particular lifestyle of small towns in Mexico: warm & colorful pueblos filled with all sorts of scents and sounds, the skilled and hardworking people who smile back despite the struggle,  and the strange mystique that connects them to something unexplainable.


ORIGIN: Ocotlan de Morelos, Oaxaca

SIZE: Large - or to order

TIME: 5 days

FABRIC: Two layers of 100% Manta Cotton


The Woven Tale

IVA excluido
  • The cost of shipping is included in the price. Masks are shipped from Brooklyn, NY and should arrive within a week of purchase. A tracking number will be provided as soon as the piece is shipped.

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