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This colorful individual is dancing the Dance of the Quetzales, a ritual that originates in the northern mountains of the state of Puebla. The quetzal is actually a very beautiful bird that was considered sacred but the dance is actually dedicated to the sun, and used quetzal feathers to create this large circular headdress. The ritual is considered to come from Toltec culture but is practiced by Nahuas and Totonacos, the same indigenous groups behind the amazing ritual of the "Voladores de Papantla." 


ORIGIN: Ocotlan de Morelos, Oaxaca

SIZE: Large - Adult 

TIME: 4 days

FABRIC: Two layers of 100% Manta Cotton



IVA excluido
  • The cost of shipping is included in the price. Masks are shipped from Brooklyn, NY and should arrive within a week of purchase. A tracking number will be provided as soon as the piece is shipped.

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