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            Y los G a r c i a fa m i l y

Taller Manos Que Ven

taller de cerámica

San Antonino, Oaxaca, México

sobre el artista

Yesenia, Rubi, and Donaji Salgado Tellez run a jewelry shop, Antiguas Maravillas Oaxaqueñas (Old Oaxacan Wonders), founded in 1977 by their father, Maestro Arturo Salgado Vasquez. Don Arturo learned the skill from his brother and has dedicated his life to the preservation of this artform. His wife later on joined him in the business, and together they taught their three daughters the beautiful jewelry that is Oaxacan Silver Filigrana. Now, their own children are beginning to learn the trade. ​ Their shop's goal is to rescue of the ancient Filigrana technique, native to the state of the Oaxaca and 100% hand-made. Unfortunately, through the decades, the artfrom has been slowly lost and forgotten, leaving behind a rich tradition that the Salgado Tellez family believes is worth preserving. We agree with them and are here to help promote and evolve the artfrom. The sisters, who now mostly run the shop, stand high but alone in a type of work that has traditionally been considered only for men. They are domonstrating that women can equally contribute to the history of this artform. Together, we will work towoards breaking stereotypes and bring forward this magical craft.  ​ The Salgado Tellez family has received several state and national awards for their work and have sold their work to recognised Mexicna artists like Lila Downs, Carmen Salinas, and Maite Perroni. Their pieces have even been featured in "novelas" like "Fuego en la Sangre," "Bety la Fea," and "Pobre Diabla."