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The Russian invasion of Ukraine,

led by Vladimir Putin, is a deplorable act of terror and cowardice. However, the bravery from the people of Ukraine has been incredibly inspiring, as well as the response across the world. 

Rombo created "¡Viva Ucrania!" to document this dark moment in history and to try to help the cause. Featured are the Motherland Monument in Ukraine going toe to toe with Moscow's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while war rages on around them. Although Ukraine's monument was built during the Soviet era, the statue holds a new meaning to Ukrainians nowadays and symbolizes their resilience.


For most of us around the world, the best thing we can do to help Ukraine is by continuing to donate money and resources. If you enjoy this piece and want to help this cause, please consider pre-ordering a print.


We are offering four different sizes, each printed 100% Cotton Rag paper in Brooklyn Printworks in Brooklyn, NY.  


All prints will be processed and shipped in the first week of June. Each print will be signed and numbered by Rombo. 

100% of proceeds will be donated in equal parts to the following charities for Ukraine:

World Vision       www.worldvision.org

Operation USA  www.opusa.org

UNICEF USA       www.unicefusa.org



¡ Viva Ucrania !


14 one-of-a-kind large scale drawings made by rombO

28 collaborations with 14 OAXACAN artists

7 digital art works by seven new york artists


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During a walk around the 9/11 Memorial, a trivial question came to mind. “What if buildings could feel?” How would the buildings around the Twin Towers have felt during that fateful day? This simple thought served as a guiding objective for Rombo’s series of sketches, drawings, and sculptures.  It later became the genesis of fourteen 36”x60” dry pastel drawings, each drawing featuring one or more iconic New York buildings, imbued with life. 

Rombo’s surreal depictions of humanoid buildings elicit a sense of recognizability with a refreshing whim of humor. The simple joy of sipping an espresso, the intimacy of bedroom romance, the struggle against violence and the inconceivable effects of a global pandemic are among the scenes depicted in this playful and provoking series. 

New York Titans is an ode to a city, and showcases what we might see in ourselves when we look at the big picture.


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masks made in collaboration with Margarita Sumano Santos