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Leopoldo Garcia

b.1980   /   Cermacist & Painter   /   Ocotlán de Morelos, Oaxaca, México

about the artist

Leopoldo García Aguilar is the youngest of 10 children from Maestra Guillermina Aguilar Alcántara and is part of a third generation of polychromed clay in Ocotlan de Morelos in Oaxaca, Mexico. From a young age, he began to work with clay based on the teachings that his mother transmitted.  The work of this artist is primarily inspired by the roots and culture of Ocotlan and the beautiful state of Oaxaca. Another important inspiration is death, for Leopoldo believes it is both the beginning and end of life, which he transforms into beauty and elegance that speaks for itself.  Leopoldo has always been a perfectionicts with his work and enjoys making what is born of his imagination, which he believes to be of "pure essence."  Throughout his 34 years making art, he has become a recognized artist in Oaxaca, obtaining several prices in many different competitions.


our work with Leopoldo Garcia Aguilar


Leopoldo's Catalog

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