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P.A.N. ( The Invisible Titans)

Rongnotes, 2021, digital media, 30" x 48" 

The most important figure in a story are often the most invisible. 

In constructing New York City skyline, an overwhelming portion of builders who rise to the challenge are from abroad. They came often with no high school degree, speak no “proper english” or without the privilege of choice in life. 

For the immigrant workers, life back home is perhaps as unforgiving as the job sites; but here, they at least have a chance to rise to the sky. 


Rongnotes is an artist and architect bases in Berlin, Germany.

Born and raised in Taiwan, she moved to the U.S. in 2013 in pursuit of higher education. She received her Bachelor in Architecture with distinction at The Cooper Union in New York City in 2017.

After relocating to Berlin in 2019, she had the opportunity to exhibit her drawings at Kunst Salon, as well as creating a collection of digital paintings that portray surreal everyday moments.

She is a candidate for the Architektenkammer Berlin (Chamber of Architects Berlin). Her first building renovation project- that she designed and led the construction - was recently completed in Brandenburg, Germany. 

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