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14 one-of-a-kind large-scale drawings made by Diego Salazar 


Over 30 collaborations with 14 Mexican artists

7 digital art pieces made by 7 artists from New York, Los Angeles, and Berlin

All part of Rombo's debut NYC Exhibition at Luxuny Atelier.


“What if buildings could feel?"

During a walk around the 9/11 Memorial, a trivial question came to mind. “What if buildings could feel?” How would the buildings around the Twin Towers have felt during that fateful day? This simple thought served as a guiding objective for Rombo’s series of sketches, drawings, and sculptures.  It later became the genesis of fourteen 36”x60” dry pastel drawings, each drawing featuring one or more iconic New York buildings, imbued with life. 

Diego’s surreal depictions of humanoid buildings elicit a sense of recognizability with a refreshing whim of humor. The simple joy of sipping an espresso, the intimacy of bedroom romance, the struggle against violence and the inconceivable effects of a global pandemic are among the scenes depicted in this playful and provoking series. 

New York Titans is an ode to a city, and showcases what we might see in ourselves when we look at the big picture.

The Forming of a Symbiosis 

During a to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Diego realized he had overlooked the unique beauty in traditional Mexican art. He saw all the intricately painted wooden sculptures and colorful woven tapestries with a fresh pair of eyes. Impressed by the craftsmanship of each weaver, ceramicist, and sculptor, Diego sought to explore ways to collaborate with them. 


Diego, along with his brother Alberto, established Studio Rombo in the summer of 2020 as a platform to support gifted artists from different regions of Oaxaca. 


Studio Rombo seeks to give an opportunity for artists to express their artistic styles and techniques otherwise inhibited by socioeconomic factors. The studio structure ensures fair compensation and Diego has made it part of his mission to continue to support undervalued artists throughout Mexico and beyond.


between diego salazar, 14 oaxacan artists, & 7