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meet the team


Rombo was forged as an agreement between brothers. Alberto has a mind for business and Diego has a mind for creating. Together they believe they can build something an innovative and progressive company that can help the economy of artists in Mexico.



Diego Salazar

Diego is an artist and designer currently based in Brooklyn, NY. He graduated from the Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture at The Cooper Union in 2016 and has worked for renowned firms like The Unionworks, Robert Couturier, Inc., and Roman & Williams.


The company is named after Diego's favorite geometric shape, the rhombus, which, over the years, became a symbolic figure in his work and identity. Diego leads as Director of Studio Rombo and who has plans for many artistic, architectural, and social projects that are to be innovative, educational, and sustainable for Mexico and beyond.

To find out more about Diego, click here

An-Li Bogan

An-Li is a poet, actor, and film director with a Bachelor of Arts from New York University. She helps in rombo's administration, exhibitions and is the company's in-house video editor. 

Alberto Salazar, Jr.

Alberto is a Digital Marketing Manager for a large financial institution covering Latin American. He holds a Masters in Business Administration from Columbia University and Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida.

Alberto primarily serves as a business advisor to the company.

Alberto Salazar, Sr.

Alberto Sr. is the father of Alberto Jr. and Rombo. He has been a key resource in establishing connections in Mexico, as well as a second pair of eyes aiding in the discovery of new artists.

Alberto serves as senior advisor to the company.

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