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december 2 - 4, 2021        

hosted by Luxuny Atelier

New York



14 one-of-a-kind large-scale drawings by diego salazar

28 collaborations with 14 oaxacan artists

7 digital art works by 7 international artists

Five years in the making, Studio Rombo presents it's debut exhibition at Luxuny Atelier's fantastic "Italian Cathedrale in the Skies" in New York City. The exhibition features a series envisioned by diego salazar with 14 drawings of his own, as well as 28 collaborations with 14 Mexican artists and 7 digital collaborations with 7 international artists.  


Diego's surreal artistic vision was executed with a collective approach meant to give a voice and an opportunity to other rising artists. Among the types of works displayed are drawings, paintings, tapestries, ceramics, wooden sculptures, and a nickel mirror. Nearly all of those pieces were especially envisioned by rombo but interpreted and fabricated by a selection of artists in Oaxaca, Mexico. Each artist was paid in full what was requested and had the freedom to execute the piece in their own style and voice. Additionally, once sold, each artist will receive 10% back on the final sale of the piece. 

We had three amazing nights of exhibition with hundreds of visitors who shared their joy and appreciation with us. We especially had the honor of receiving the Consul General of Mexico in New York, Jorge Islas Lopez, as well as other consuls and diplomats from the Mexican Consulate. We were delighted to have met them and share the beautiful work all done by Mexican artists. In the future, we hope to build a good relationship with the Mexican government for the promotion and acknowledgement of Mexican artists.

The result of our first show was a dream and we plan to host many more, always keeping in mind to push the growth of other artists. Whether by a prompt or by a specially requested commission from Studio Rombo, we want to give more artists the opportunity to have their work seen in the world stage.

Enjoy the following photos from our three nights at Luxuny Atelier:

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